Everyday Epidemic

Opiod Awereness / Everyday Epidemic

There is a common misconception that opioid abuse doesn’t reach people with regular jobs, social lives, and families. When in fact, it's an everyday killer that spans across all age, gender, race, and income demographics. We wanted to tell a memorable story that would convey this message — that opioid overdose is everywhere we look but the stigma is clouding our vision.

We also wanted to prove the point that those who fall victims aren’t morally weak or bad people. They are our friends, our neighbours, our family. With this film, we hope to not only encourage people addicted to opioids to seek help but also encourage those who never experienced addiction to understand what it feels like.

Because to confront the opioid epidemic, first we need to confront the stigma.


Madelene Wikskär: Art Direction, Animation, Graphic Design
Hampus Elfström: Writer
Adithya Venugopal: Art Direction


2018, ADC, Young Ones, Merit — Everyday Epidemic
2018, One Show, Young Ones, Merit — Everyday Epidemic