The Rite of Spring / Vinyl Cover

Single fold record/LP package consisting of outside cover front/back inside cover
front/back 2 sided sleeve, and 2-labels for Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. 

For this project, no Computer use was permitted for the initial actual creation
of forms/type. So all forms/type were created solely with the use of my feet.

Igor Stravinsky / The Rite of Spring

When the ballet had its premiere in 1914, it caused a riot due to its pagan inspired choreography. The stomping of flat feet on the stage floor was viewed as if Stravinsky was mocking the audience. With this in mind, I created the entire project using my feet.

Record/LP Package

Consisting of outside cover – Front/Back

Inside cover with a two sided sleeve



No computer use was permitted for the initial creation of forms/type.